Money Carer Cards
The Secure & Simple
Shopping Funds Service

Money Carer Cards
The Secure & Simple
Shopping Funds Service

What is a Shared Carers Card?

B What is a Shared Carers Card? A shared carers card is a card that has been designated for use by different …

Can carers have a shopping card?

B Can carers have a shopping card? Yes, of course. The Money Carer Foundation pioneered the concept and launch of carer cards …

Pioneering Carer Card Services

As the organisation responsible for introducing the first carer shopping cards as a ‘innovation for good’ back in 2010, the Money Carer Card has provided a secure and convenient way for carers to access smaller amounts of money to pay for things for the people that they care support.

Financially robust and innovative, our organisation is trusted by hundreds of law firms, national care providers and local authorities. Our carer cards are not simply prepaid cards, rather they are Mastercard’s connected to FSCS protected bank accounts for each client.

Additionally,  our unique sweep system and other functionality provides better safeguarding of funds made available to third parties with the ability to set maximum or minimum balances on the account.

This innovation is just one of the reasons Money Carer was selected to represent best practice and innovation in the Finance Category of the 2018 Parliamentary Review and our selection as a finalist in the 2024 Card and Payment Awards.

Please note:
Given that a number of start up ‘e-money’ organisations offering carer card products have gone into administration or otherwise failed in recent years leaving their vulnerable clients without a service, the financial soundness of any organisation offering carer cards for vulnerable people should be examined before taking risks with your clients money.

Simple to Set Up and Start Using

Our friendly cards team are here to get you up and running without any fuss or hoops to jump through. Simply contact us and we can get the ball rolling and discuss which type of carer card option is best suited for your organisation or client.

If you are a family member or  support worker, we can help set up a direct debit to fund the carer card account online or, our team can set up a direct debit over the telephone if this is easier. Excess funds can be automatically sent back to your funding account in order to avoid excessive balances building up on the carers card account providing better safeguarding for your loved one or client.

‘Shared’ or ‘Individual’ Carer Card Options

As clients can be supported by a multiple carers who change frequently, Money Carer has launched it’s Shared Carer Card Service to cater for this requirement. Cards can also be issued to multiple carers individually and all linked to the same central account as well as required. Carers and client can view balances and other information via our free app or online account and receive notifications when the account has received funds along with other helpful information.


We have a simple annual fee structure of £55 and then £4.99 per month. There are no ATM withdrawal fees, card replacement costs or transaction costs and the service comes with lots of reconciliation and bank statement reporting options including as OPG friendly statement to match deputy reporting periods.

Learn more about our carer card service in our FAQ section.

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