Making money
tasks simple

Making money
tasks simple

Monika - the banking services innovation from Money Carer

12,000 Plus

Monika the engine that has supported the organisation’s 10,000- plus accounts over the last 14 years.

Over 200 Law Firms
and Local Authorities

Over 200 law firms and local authorities and care providers use Monika to open FSCS protected bank accounts rapidly.

Our Partnership with Cashplus Bank

Unique banking and payments platform developed by Money Carer specifically to manage the finances of vulnerable people and their care network.

Banking Platform Overview

Monika has been designed from top to bottom to cater completely for the unique services that professional deputies, attorneys and corporate appointees provide for their vulnerable clients.

Monika enables solicitor deputies to be compliant with SRA client money rules.

Key Features

Coming Soon

Monika is hosted by Microsoft’s Azure ™ Cloud Services in the UK South and West regions (London and Bristol) in a fully fault-tolerant configuration.

We understand your frustrations

As an organisation that manages the finances of thousands of vulnerable people across the UK, we understand the everyday practical challenges that face deputies.

From the time spent queuing at high street banks to register documents and open accounts, to being put on hold by utility companies and the DWP – we get it. And so we have targeted our investment in Monika to address the everyday frustrations of being a deputy, attorney or appointee.

Organisations we work with

Key Feature Spotlights

Our New 7 Day Funds Access Service

We are now able to take instruction from deputies and attorneys to enable us to access the funds in your clients bank accounts upon receipt of the relevant certified court orders, security bond and deputy/attorney KYC documentation.

Sending Emergency Payments

Professional deputies will be all too familiar with need to send emergency payments to clients or carers at a moment’s notice. Monika can instantly generate emergency payments in one of two ways: Paypoint Cash Voucher & SMS Message for ATM Cash Withdrawal (no card needed).

‘Named’ or ‘Shared’ Carer Cards

The Money Carer Foundation is responsible for thinking up the concept and then subsequent launch of our carer card service back in 2011. Today hundreds of law firms, local authorities, care providers and family members use our carer card service to provide funds to carers and protect clients and loved ones.

Key feature spotlight:

Digital Communication with Utility Companies

Money Carer is one of the first organisations to invest in the integration of the new Request to Pay overlay service into our banking and payments platform. We have partnered with Answerpay for this purpose.

Key feature spotlight:

The Vulnerability Registration Service Integration

The Money Carer Foundation was the first organisation to partner with VRS when the service was launched in 2019 and we remain committed partners in the development of this important consumer protection service
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