April 13, 2022 Sean Tyrer

You may have noticed recently that when you buy something online you will receive a text message or push notification in your banking app to prove who you say you are?

This is called strong customer authentication (SCA) and is now a requirement under the Payment Services Regulations (PSR) and is a further measure to enhance the security of online payments and protect against fraud. These principles are, of course, amplified when allowing carers access to money belonging to a vulnerable person to perform shopping tasks or buy things online.

On a practical level, however, it can prove challenging to make this process convenient for busy carers whilst remaining compliant from a PSR perspective because of the large turnover of care staff working within the care sector. The main challenge has been how to manage the SCA requirement sent via text message to a verified mobile telephone number linked to a bank card when, in reality, multiple carers may need to make online purchases to support the vulnerable person under their charge.

Do the carers have a shared mobile phone for this purpose? Does a care manager hold a mobile phone and then pass on the 4 or 6 digit code within the short time frame (usually a few minutes) to the carer trying to complete the online purchase? None of these options is practical in the real world for busy carers.

In order to solve this problem practically, Money Carer has innovated using our banking and payments platform and embedded technology by allocating each client with their own virtual mobile telephone number linked to their managed bank account. If a carer needs to make an online payment then so long as that carer has been verified within Monika and their own mobile number linked to the client under their care, then they will receive the SCA code on their own phone in order to securely complete the online purchase.

This feature enables our Shared Carers Card service to really help busy carers support their vulnerable client and remain within PRS compliance guidelines which protects all parties involved.

Tags: carer card, PRS, PSD2, SCA