How can we make emergency payments?

Emergency cash payments can be made in two simple ways.

Option 1: Send an instant email or text message from your Monika account so that a client or carer can receive a barcode that can be shown at any PayPoint outlet (there are 28,000) in exchange for cash up to £100.

Option 2: Send an instant text message to a client or carers mobile phone using our CashbyText facility so that they can withdraw cash from an ATM machine without a card using their mobile telephone number and secret code. There are 10,500 ATM machines across the UK that can be used and cash withdrawals up to £500 can be accessed immediately.

Both of these options are great to have if a cares card or client budget card has been lost for example and emergency funds are required. All payment methods are fully auditable within Monika

Tags: CashbyText service, PayPoint vouchers
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