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A Superior Account for Deputies

The banking facilities we provide for deputies are head and shoulders above those tired old names who have never really taken the time to understand the role of a professional deputy.

Our innovations have enabled us to assist hundreds of deputies and attorneys with our simple bank account opening process and the many overlay services designed specifically to assist professionals who manage the money of vulnerable people.

Opening an FSCS protected bank account via Monika takes minutes and you can either do this yourself or our friendly banking team can do this for you. 

With features such as high and low balance alerts, our excess funds sweep system, OPG friendly statement generation and irregular transaction notifications, it is the ‘go to’ operational account for professional deputies and attorneys.

These features are just some of the reasons why we have been selected as a finalist in conjunction with our banking partner, Cashplus Bank, for the 2024 Card and Payment awards.

Please visit our FAQ section to learn more about our bank accounts and their unique functionality for deputies and attorneys.

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